Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am stuck. My days are boring and vague.
So here is one of many lists to come because of my love for listography.

List of people I would like to meet and why:

1. Yoni Wolf (a.k.a. Jonathan Wolf, frontman of the Berkeley, California band Why?) because I would love to get inside his head and see where those lyrics come from.

I am currently listening to the song, Light Leaves.

2. Michael Perry. His art is amazing.
I would recommend buying his books Hand Job and Over&Over. However, I will say that I was disappointed with his iron-on t-shirt designs. The designs are amazing but the iron-ons don't go on so well.

3. Danny Davis. What can I say.. he's quite attractive(at least in my opinion. I sorta have a thing for long hair and beards) and he's a great snowboarder.

4. My grandfather who died when my mom was eleven. I'm sure I don't need to give a reason for this.

5. Kat Von D. I love her work. It's beautiful and classy.

6. Oliver Sykes. (frontman of the band Bring Me The Horizon) Yes, I'll admit that I occasionally listen to their music, but no, I am not a crazed and obsessed fan. The main reason I would like to meet him is more of an experiment to see how many of those Oli-obsessed fans would comment the picture of me standing next to him on facebook without tears in my eyes or any excitement in my face. Come on kids, that guy is a dick.

7. Nessa K. I love watching her vlog and would love to tell her how inspiring she is. At least I think so. And yes, I do watch YouTube. Is that so bad?

8. Johnny Depp. I love his movies. Let me rephrase that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS MOVIES. Who doesn't? And I admire how he keeps his life pretty private.

That's about all could think of. I could add quite a few more musicians but the list would get repetitive.

List of places I wish I was instead of here:

1. Barnes & Noble. God I love that place. I haven't picked up an Alternative Press or Transworld Skateboarding magazine in forever.

2. Downtown in an art gallery or small boutique just to see if I can find some new treasures for cheap.

3. Chad's new house, helping him paint his walls. I believe he's painting them green. His first choice was red but I stated my negative opinion about the color and changed his mind. Red doesn't help to calm high-strung, stressed out people.. and he is one of them.

4. H&M. I haven't gone shopping in a while. I need some new jeans.

I promise that as soon as I go somewhere interesting and take some good pictures I'll post about it.

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