Friday, March 19, 2010



It's been a while.

I've been drawing tattoo designs. 

I decided to eat with chop sticks no matter what I eat. For me, they're much easier to use. 

I've also been listening to Botch, they're no longer a band but they are indeed metal-core pioneers. Their song Japam is one of my favorites. 
Six chevy's in our front yard, a thousand empty Coors, is all it takes to make me different
And it's like you never knew the effect it had on you
Pop another top. Today's lesson how to live with these cracked out mutha fuckas
And it's like they never knew the effect they had on you
Mom's cookin' shit in bed, no angels for the living dead
Light the propane
Boiling the medicine, taste it is it done
I've only done it a couple times, so take this pill for me
Give your daddy a hand
Open the batteries like I showed you
Precious lithium I own you like you own this single wide lot.

"A house fine in the town of Roy took the lives of two children.

The parents made it out of the single wide trailer home without a scratch.
See they were too busy trying to save their crop of Meth that had started the fire.
Too busy to get their kids out."
Now if those aren't some hardcore lyrics I don't know what are. 
listen to it if you think it's your taste. 
Along with the chopsticks and hardcore musik, I've been scanning through pictures on websites that I'd like to keep secret. I hate reading but I love looking at pictures. Words are boring, unless I choose which order they go in. Pictures, tell me stories. 
I've been writing a lot lately. 

Sometimes I wonder how long it will take for me to convince you that you're sexy and how many times I'll have to explain to you that if my love for you were a liquid it would overflow the oceans until you understand and how far I can push your taste buds when I cook you strange foods that turn out bad most of the time. Every time I start a new journal, I promise myself that not every page will have to do with you but that always fails and I end up keeping track of our lives together. Some people say that we're too young to be in love but I think the best time to be in love is when a person is young. 
I love your sensitivity and your indecisiveness and your silly denial because you know you have a beautiful soul, you're just too modest to admit it. I love the way you dress. I love the way you undress. I love your little mustache and the scruffle on your chin that tickles when you kiss me. I love that sometimes when I look at you I see the little boy you once were. I love how we think each other is too good for ourselves which makes us just right. 
You push me and I'll jump, you lead me and I'll follow, you build me wings and I'll fly to you. You wouldn't though because we're both scared of heights. You call me 'Woman' like I am one. Darling, I'm a child with you. You know me. Except for the fact that
It's ordinary and cliché but you can never go wrong when writing about love when you're in it. 
Thank the Heavens the weather has improved. 
Auf Wiedersehen.

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